Record Store Day 2012

Well, everyone, it’s been a while! I see that my blog has gotten a lot of hits due to my last post, regarding that Facebook job scam exposé.  I’m proud to announce that, beyond the single follow up exchange I’ve posted in the comments, I haven’t heard from Michael Pappas or his companies in over a month.  So, what did I do with the money that they may have very well been attempting to swindle me out of? Celebrate Record Store Day, of course!

I was roaming the streets of Manhattan today, like any other weekend, but spending with reckless abandon, patronizing all the lovely independent record stores in the East Village! I do confess, as devoted to purchasing music on physical media as I am, my spending’s gone down a bit.  Maybe it’s a sign of maturity, or maybe it’s a combination of my audiophile tendencies where I agonize over getting a decent mastering of an album? Who knows, but sometimes you’ve just gotta say “fuck it,” and treat yourself.  A day of limited edition releases to celebrate independent record stores and the variety of music available in them is right up my alley! So, what did I snag?

Disintegration by The Cure: Arguably one of the masterpieces of the band, as well as the gothic genre, this album is one of their darkest and contains some of their most loved songs.  Seriously, don’t be like me and take forever to add this one to your collection: go out and buy it now! Even if you have it already, you need it again!

Faith by The Cure: The band’s third album, and a rare original pressing of the CD.  This is around the time they were just starting to experiment with a more post-punk approach to their sound.  It’s quite eerie, and best enjoyed between Seventeen Seconds and Pornography.  Sadly, I missed the opportunity to see the band perform those three albums live in chronological order last year, but this find makes up for it, sorta.

Greatest Hits, Volume One by The Sisters of Mercy: Whether he likes it or not, frontman Andrew Eldritch is one of the pioneers of gothic rock.  Although The Sisters of Mercy’s catalog is rather brief, this collection of highlights is a good starting point for newcomers, plus it’s included some rarities for the die hards, including an excellent re-recording of their classic song “Temple of Love” featuring the beautiful vocals of the late Ofra Haza.

Heaven and Hull by Mick Ronson: No, not the record producer! Mick Ronson was David Bowie’s guitarist during the Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane days, and the man himself appears on a few songs on this solo outing.  Sadly, Mick Ronson didn’t live to see the album’s release, but it is quite a strong album, featuring some impressive cover versions.

Never Enough by The Cure: A single for the lone new song off their Mixed Up remix album, it features the 7″ mix of the titular song, as well as an exclusive remix of “Let’s Go to Bed” and an otherwise unavailable song.

Tin Machine II by Tin Machine: David Bowie retired for a few years, at the start of the 1990’s, in order to work in the capacity of a band: the result was the polarizing Tin Machine.  They’re an overlooked part of Bowie’s career, often written off as the man having a midlife crisis, but their first album proved popular enough to be reissued when most of his catalog was being remastered.  This second album, however, is a rarity, and I was very fortunate to find it in the used bin for so cheap!

Twelve Inch Anthology by Skinny Puppy: Exactly what it says on the tin.  These may very well be the more popular versions, since what club doesn’t love spinning extended mixes? Skinny Puppy practically only existed in dives and goth clubs, at this stage in their career, so this disc nicely puts together their non-album output.

“But Peter, that’s all shit from the used bin! What about those sweet limited edition releases?” Well, sadly the double LP set of Raw Power by The Stooges was sold out everywhere, but I got this:

One Drop by Public Image Ltd: After leaving the Sex Pistols, John Lydon dropped the punk act and revealed his love for avant-garde music, which resulted in the more uncompromising Public Image Ltd.  The group had met a number of setbacks in the two decades since their last album, including the death of their legendary guitarist John McGeoch, but thankfully the wait is over and this 4 song EP is a taste of things to come when their next album, This Is PiL, drops at the end of May!

Now, this is the very first vinyl I’ve ever bought with my own money! Truly a personally historic moment for me.

Also, I got this nifty Public Image Ltd shirt, released around the time that their album Album (or Cassette or Compact Disc, depending on the format) came out:

That’s just the thing for me to wear on Thursday while I play new songs from these CDs on my radio show! Did I mention I have a radio show? Peter’s Post, Thursdays at 1PM on WQMC Radio! That’s right, folks, I’m proud to announce that as of last week, I am live on the airwaves, sharing my expansive musical library with you! It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do, and barring some sound glitches that will be worked out, my first transmission was well received! Thanks a lot for everyone who joined in, and for those who didn’t, I intend to try and post each episode as a podcast, if I can!

Anyhow, that’s all from me! Later, guys!

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2 Responses to Record Store Day 2012

  1. clara romita says:

    Please tell me WHERE DID U find that! I’m madly looking for it!

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