Darker, Better, Faster, Stronger

Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you all had some great winter-related holidays and all that feel good bullshit!

So, what the fuck is new with me, you ask? Well, I’m almost done with my bachelor’s degree now! Taking three classes this semester, one of which is early as fuck (and also optional, as far as attendance goes!), but so far so good! My final English class is about the Lost Generation, which is sadly an era I’ve ignored in literature.  Making up for lost time, though, and reading some great Gertrude Stein works, as well as some by my arch-nemesis T. S. Eliot.  Sorry, English department: no matter how many times you try, you’ll never get me to enjoy “The Love Song of J. Alfred Pufrock!” We saw that (as of thirty minutes ago) Oscar Award wining Woody Allen vehicle Midnight in Paris as part of the class, which was actually pretty cool, despite featuring Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody.

Though this was brilliant!

Had a most excellent Corporate Love Day with Felicia, kicked off a few days before the 14th with a Guns N’ Roses concert! Review forthcoming, but rest assured that the show kicked much ass!

Speaking of Felicia, she and I’ve been having fun breaking new common ground by way of the gothic aesthetic rubbing off on her.  It’s no secret we’ve both held a long-standing admiration for it, but courtesy of some of her friends as well as some wonderful blogs we’ve dug up, it’s given us more things to enjoy together.  I’ve fulfilled a few of my own goals here, by getting Felicia to listen to Siouxsie Sioux and Amanda Palmer, but it’s also given me some new personal ones to work on.  I’ve been a jeans and t-shirt person forever, but once in a while I like getting more creative with my outfits: it took me long enough to discover thrift shops, department store sale racks, as well as the arts of DIY and mix-and-matching, but so far I’m digging the results! It’s not a drastic change, but while I’m getting bundled up in layers for the winter, I figured I’d have fun with it: I broke down and scored a hat ($1 at H&M, possibly intended for women) and a nice black and white scarf with a skull pattern ($3 at K-Mart, of all places!) which nicely complements the coat I sport around this time of year.

People wondered if I was a Jew, a Nazi, or a goth in this coat: now they know I'm really Jack the Ripper!

Also I’ve been having incredible luck in the used CD stores lately! Just this past month I’ve gotten difficult to find albums and singles by Pearl Jam, The Cure, The Creatures, and a metric fuckton of other artists! I’ll post back with reviews and spotlights on some of those scores in the next few weeks: if you’re looking for recommendations on something new to add to your library, you won’t want to miss these entries!

So, yes folks, we’re looking at a post-punk spring! As tired as I feel from my early classes, I’ve got a lot to look forward to: graduation, seeing my friends over the break, and hopefully a pilgrimage to Manhattan College for Springfest! That’s before I include other important things, like the assload of 21st birthdays I’m going to help my friends celebrate this year (warning to anyone that applies to: you possibly might not live to see 22, or hell even enjoy a full day of being 21!).

And, finally, I must say that I’ve actually been writing and arranging new works for both my solo project and The Hotel Chelsea.  I’ve recently had a rush of creative inspiration spurred by friendly competitiveness with bands whose members Felicia and I are friends with.  It’s like a musical game of Apples to Apples! I’ve already got two structured demos in the can for Felicia to sing/write lyrics for, and I feel more coming on.  My project with Mia’s also slowly coming along, as I’ve still got a decent amount of music and lyrics.  I must reiterate, though, that all of these projects are marred by a lack of knowledge of drums, drum machines, or Fruity Loops.  Anybody who can figure this shit out, let me know! Until then, I’mma go slappadabass!

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3 Responses to Darker, Better, Faster, Stronger

  1. Mia says:

    The whole post was worth the last sentence bahahah.

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