Making Plans for Chelsea

Alas, summer’s at an end! Seems every year I make a list of plans that never get completed… I hate the fact that growing older translates into less free time: I haven’t had a good break in a LONG time! Ever since I was in high school, I’ve always held a job for the summer or gone to school.  Thankfully, though, I got to see a large group of my closest friends semi-regularly over the last two months, with the most recent time being my parents’ going away for the weekend last Friday.  While a house party may be more of a high school fantasy, it’s something that I think only gets better with age; it may lose some of its dangerous appeal, but it becomes more celebratory.  Either way, it’s still a good fucking time! Thanks to everyone who came to them, or was invited.

Music-wise, I’ve been making some headway: I’ve opened up the official Miss Frotrap Bandcamp page, to promote my upcoming Rooftopballads album.  Bandcamp is a site that makes it easy for people to download or buy your music in a variety of formats, which is important to my sensibilities as a quality whore.  I love SoundCloud, but while it’s great for streaming, the download function is easy to miss, plus the space limitation makes it almost impossible to offer a significant body of work in a lossless format.  Of course, Bandcamp does also make it easier to sell the album once its done, but don’t worry I’m not going to extort money for my friends! I’m thinking free digital download and $4 CD, tops.  This is all far off, so don’t kill me yet! For now, just enjoy the free download of the album’s first single, “(Put a Little) Wrench in Your Soul,” which is a lyrical tribute to my childhood gang, The Wrenchbearers, and a musical homage to George Harrison.

So Michelle and I made up! We just haven’t really talked since, but all’s smoothed over now.  Regardless, no more Hope’s New Fear.  I’m gonna talk to Michelle about offering all two of our demos as free downloads, though.  There was an original song that wasn’t anywhere near complete — cool ideas, but very much a demo — and a cover of “California Dreamin'” which, depending on the position of the sun, sounded decent or like complete shit.  I’m proud of the latter, though, since it contains one of my few guitar solos (fuck me if I can remember how it goes, though).

As for The Hotel Chelsea, Felicia and I’ve been quite busy.  We have a few videos of us goofing on some covers during rehearsals, and are currently writing new material.  It looks to be a much more collaborative effort than HNF (not to mention productive).  I just finished up a song today, which I’ll be showing to Felicia this weekend, and hopefully we’ll have an EP out soon.  So, yes, a busy year ahead for the Cheap-O, Inc. family! (That’s not to mention projects with Mia and Albert…)

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