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Senior Year Again

That’s it, folks: FYE’s officially closed the stores closest to my house.  It was fun while it lasted, and I’ll have my final What’s in the Bag? entry from this shopping spree posted soon, but what I’d like to talk … Continue reading

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I’ve determined that the success of a house party is largely based upon how retarded you feel the following morning.  Seeing as how I felt mildly autistic on Sunday morning, I’d call Saturday night a smashing success. The guest list … Continue reading

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The Death of a Corporate Record Store (Happens a Lot Around Here)

As I’ve mentioned previously, the FYE over by me is closing down.  I’ve had some fun times in that FYE, though my patronage waned after discovering such wonderful independent record stores in the city such as Generation Records and J&R. … Continue reading

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151 Night

It’s been eighteen months, this fall, But I guess there’s no stopping you, Stopping you from leaving, It’s eighteen months to last call, So drink up, Drink up while you still can; A taste of what’s to come, Left me … Continue reading

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Jersey Shore is Decadent and Depraved

Two of my most shameless pastimes are laughing at retarded people and lamenting the human condition.  It should come as no surprise to you at home, then, that Jersey Shore is a goldmine for these indulgences, as well as a … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Around the World and I’ve Been in the Washington Zoo

Another day, another blog.  I’m really afraid I’m actually becoming a blogger.  Maybe I’m just that damn bored with my break? Fuck I’ve been trying to beat my old boss’ scores on Xbox Live! I MUST BE BORED!!! So, I … Continue reading

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A New Year to Do the Same Old Shit (Probably)

Well, I’ve already shaken it up a bit more by keeping up on this blog! Hooray for me! So far, the break’s about half over and I’ve done very little due to the weather.  Snow just keeps coming, pushing back plans … Continue reading

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